A leisurely hike along the riverside of the Doubs and a visit in the charming little town of St. Ursanne  

When you have enough from the grey colours of your daily life in town, this is the perfect hike for you, as the main colour is green and all hectic will fall from you, as we follow the clear river of the Doubs. After a challenging train and a bus ride through this special landscape, we start the hike in Soubey, well known by fishermen and canoe excursions. Passing by hidden farmhouses, watching out for family Fox, we enter into a green wilderness with dancing butterflies and diverse flowers. It is peaceful even when the joyful laughter of canoers and of other hikers reaches us. Grassing cows will tell us where not to sit for our picnic, we therefore still have a lot of choice. Almost on even ground we continue our pleasant hike until we finally reach the little historic town of St. Ursanne. The bridge we cross and the view are well known (Guide Micheline gives a *). We take our time to visit the to a great part romanesque Collegiate Church, and maybe we have the time for a stop in a local restaurant before we take our train back.


Walking time: 3.45h, Ascent: 220m, Descent: 260m Distance: 15.4km, ▲


This hike is an easy, gentle one. The trail can be on parts muddy, but can be done with Light Boots.


90.- Fr.

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