About cultura montis

or: Why joining a guided hike?

Of course, in Switzerland you can hike by yourself easily: in the last few years, hiking has become even more popular and definitively lost its old-fashioned red-sock-image. Trails usually are well marked; maps, hiking books and sites are easily available as well as almost every village gives you a huge amount of hiking suggestions. Therefore: why should you join a guided tour with CULTURA MONTIS?

Simply, because with CULTURA MONTIS you get the perfect combination of hiking in beautiful landscapes and of learning about history, flora and fauna, the cultural background and the local specialities of this country.

Let’s see closer what this combination means:

The hiking part:

The hikes CULTURA MONTIS offers cover well known, classic but also off-the-beaten-track experiences. From an easy day-walk up to a demanding week-end hike, from a beginners or family hike to a challenging trekking you will find a hike that suits and tempts you.

CULTURA MONTIS is specialised on hikes in the Swiss Alps and Prealps like the Jura. The hikes are selected carefully: they have to passionate in such a way that your guide just loves to do them again and again...

The pace is leisurely, we take our time to explore and admire rather than running up the mountain and "collecting" peaks.

We travel in small groups of no more than 10 people as small groups facilitate contacts to the locals in the places we visit and bring more flexibility to the tour. 

Hiking with a local guide on your side means you don’t have to worry about time schedules, itineraries…Your guide makes sure that everything runs smoothly and safely, so that you can just follow and relax in an active way, take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy the scenery.  

The background and learning part:

In spite of the Latin name CULTURA MONTIS it’s not in a dry academic but in an entertaining way that you will get background information about historic facts, amazing technical inventions, true stories of the locals as much as legends, Swiss and local traditions. Instead of picking all these information out of books yourself, you will get passionate insights on the spot, and by viewing a large horizon from the top of a mountain you enlarge your own horizon.

There is no guarantee but with an expert on your side, you definitively increase your chance to discover a fugitive animal or a rare flower; and, of course, tasting of local products will not be forgotten.

Hiking with CULTURA MONTIS also means meeting with a local Swiss, who loves this country, knows it well and is personally involved in the actuality of daily life. By this, your guide offers you very personal insights to this country and - free from any official PR-pressure - likes to discuss actual issues as much as telling historic facts. Please take advantage of asking your local guide all the questions about this country what can’t be found in traveller books. But, be aware: with CULTURA MONTIS you may hear about "Heidi" but you will not meet her…

Because of its main emphasis on combining hiking with cultural background CULTURA MONTIS would specially like to encourage foreign inhabitants working and living in Switzerland to join and learn in this special way more about the country they now live in. While hiking in a small group you will meet other people in a similar situation to share your experience with.