Portrait of the Founder

Pascalina Wullschleger
Born in 1967 and grown up close to Basel and its rolling hills, far from the mountains, it was when I was carried on the back of my father that I had the first contact with the alpine world. Most of the holidays my family spent in the Swiss alps and they did something in the very right way I never lost this early love of hiking, of the mountains, its flora and fauna and the alpine culture. And it was while hiking as a teenager I thought about how to change the world and its injustices - sometimes I still do...

This enduring love for the mountain world I would like to share with you. I’d enjoy showing you all the beauty of this special world, with the focus on details as much as for the grandeur of the mountains in a hopefully contagious way. Guiding hiking trips is a true vocation for me.

But it’s not only the mountain world that I would like to bring closer to you: Out of my own experience I’m persuaded that hiking is one of the best way to learn more about a country, to approach the locals and understand their way of living. I would like to invite you to discover the cultural and natural diversity of Switzerland with me as your local guide.

Since 1989 I work in a more or less intense way as a local guide for a large American tour operator. I also have a 20 year old experience in organizing and guiding private hikes for groups, incentives and children holiday camps.  

To be competent as a guide also means that I train myself by taking thematic courses, reading and undertaking guided hiking and trekking tours as a client. Not being an English native speaker and only almost bilingual in French I continue to improve my English and French. I have a diploma of the Hiking Organisation of canton Graubünden and I am an active member of the Swiss Alpine Club.  

Because I used to work in different places and cantons in the Swiss Alps and because I call an old farmer cottage in the Bernese Oberland my second home since more than 30 years, I dare say that I know the daily life of the locals well and not only with the Swiss tourist eye.  

The fact that as a practising psychologist I do have quite a bit of experience, comprehension and patience in dealing with people and groups, should just be mentioned by the way…