With splendid vistas over rolling meadows: a panorama hike from the Vue des Alpes to the Mont Racine

Already the train ride to La Chaux-de-Fonds is worth it and allows us a short impression of this “kingdom of timekeeping” and its typical landscape. A small bus drives us up to the Vue des Alpes, a pass which deserves its name and because of that, can be busy. But as soon as we start our hike, we leave the crowd behind and only the song of birds, joyful voices of some other hikers and later the cow-bells can know be heard. The trail follows in a gentle up and down the main crete, passing small parts of forest but in the main time staying above timberline and offering a beautiful scenery with the main Alpine massifs, lakes and rolling hills. Depending the season the pasture is covered with alpine flowers such as the blue Gentian or the larger yellow Gentian, which is still used for the Gentiane schnaps. The spicy flagrance of thyme lies in the air and wakes up our appetite for a picnic. The “Signal”, an iron old triangulation point on the peak of the Mont Racine, gives us indeed the signal, that this is a great place to have lunch. For the descent we do have several options, the suggested one leads us down to a typical alpine farm house, which during the summer is also a country inn, and may-be we stop to taste local specialities. Then we continue our panorama hike mostly downhill until we reach the pass of La Tourne and our postal bus, which takes us down to Neuchâtel.


Walking time: 3.5h Ascent 300m, Descent 450m, ▲-▲▲


The trail is rarely steep, but can be earthy and slightly slippery, so Light Boots shoes with a profile are helpful. Depending the arrival time and your preferences, a stop-over for a visit of the city of Neuchâtel is possible.


90.- Fr.

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