The less known Gerihorn: an imposing rock offering a great panorama

On the postal bus ride into the Valley of the Kiental we get a first glimpse of the white peak of the Bluemlisalp and we admire the pretty old wooden chalets. A chairlift then spares us some important uphill, never mind, there are still enough meters to gain ahead. We start through beautiful alpine meadows, pasture and mountain forest on a small, steady climbing mountain trail until we arrive on the Crete. With every meter we gain more peaks show off, the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau are of the party too, further down we can see the lake of Thune. The trail becomes more alpine, we better watch our steps on the more rocky terrain. For a moment we think that we are already on the top, but no, there is still more to do, and this last part is really steep and thrilling, as we now follow the cliffs edge with great view all down to the village of Frutigen. The peak finally offers a small platform where we can sit down, have lunch and enjoy the great panorama. Then it’s all downhill… first on the same trail, and then we have the choice of two trails both leading into a narrow valley and arriving at Ramslauenen, the chairlift station. We could hike all down to the village of Kiental, but - we will see what our knees and our watch tell us.


Walking time: 4.5h Ascent and Descent 725m, ▲▲▲


This hike is for the more experienced hiker not prone to vertigo and without knee problems. Hiking boots are a must for the rocky terrain.


90.- Fr.

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