One of the most beautiful panoramic hikes in the Bernese Oberland: from the Gantrisch aera to the natural lookout named Stockhorn

Especially when the postal bus takes us out of the fog lying over the Middle Country there is the first exclamation of joy, during the day there will follow more!
We start our hike on a large and agreeable path and then continue on a smaller mountain trail gradually up to a gap, which we own to the military. Passing through on the other side we will be welcomed by a first class panorama with the snowy peaks of the Bernese Oberland. Large rocks in this ridge to the left of the Gantrisch offer nice natural benches to sit down, have a snack and admire. Then follows a nice, more or less even part of the hike, leading us closer and closer to our goal, the impressing peak of the Stockhorn. Meadows of Alpine flowers compete with the lovely scenery. After a picnic we pass some nice barns and hiking slightly up to a ridge, we wonder where there could be a trail to climb this rocky tooth. There is one and even a well done one with stairs to stop erosion and to help us during this half an hour of steep uphill. New and exciting views give us the good reason to stop and take picture and our breath… And then all of sudden as a reward we discover an even more extended panorama. The last part is peanuts for our stamina as we turn around and all too soon meet with all those taking the easy way by gondola to come up to this fantastic summit. We join and on the very top enjoy the 360° panorama with more than 200 peaks. In the restaurant we may have a coffee and a traditional meringue before we take the gondola all down to Erlenbach, and passing this lovely village we finally reach the train station.  


Walking time: 4.5h Ascent: 600m, Descent about 200m, ▲▲-▲▲▲


To enjoy this hike you should be in good shape and especially for the stairs at the end not suffer of severe knee problems or of a heavy vertigo. The trails and terrain make hiking boots a must. Lunch will be a picnic. 


90.- Fr.

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