First a stroll around one of the smallest main towns of Switzerland and then a beautiful circuit hike to a mountain lake on the sunny terrace of Braunwald
In the morning we take our time on a guided tour to discover the small main town of Glarus. Walking then on a historic trail to the next village of Ennenda, due to trade once one of the wealthiest communities of Switzerland, we gain a nice overview of this area, learning more about this canton, where the people are far less hillbilly than by the view of all this mountains one may think. By local train we then continue further into the main valley and then change to a cable car, riding up to the car-free, family and hiker friendly mountain village of Braunwald with its great panorama. The new restored gondola allows us to gain altitude in a very relaxing way. Then we are ready to start our hike, but as it is highly time to have lunch, we soon stop on a scenic place. Then follows a serious downhill part to reach the well know but peaceful mountain lake of Oberblegi. Take your time to go for a swim and to be impressed by the mountain wall of the Glärnisch. Maybe we can have a talk to the farmer and buy some mountain cheese. Then we hike back on a more or less gradual, “Swiss flat” path with on same places nice views all down over the cliffs to the ground of the main valley. Over rich meadows and through forest we reach the upper part of Braunwald with its beautiful, suntanned farmhouses. One is a lovely restaurant, where we may be tempted to stop before hiking back all down to the cable car station.


Walking time: 2.5h Ascent: 2x 50m, Descent: 645m. ▲▲


This day is great for every one interested in learning more about a special region and enjoying a short but scenic and alpine enough hike. The Glarnerland is steep, so for the downhills you need boots with a good grip and should not suffer from knee problems. People with a very strong vertigo will not like the views down.


90.- Fr.

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