A hike for all senses: from the cheese factory in Gruyère through the wild gorge of the river Jogne to the thermal bath in Charmey 

It is not the Emmental cheese but the in Switzerland also very popular Gruyère that is daily made at our starting place. During about an hour we can visit the public open cheese factory and learn all about this tradition so connected with Swissness. Got some appetite? Well lets walk up to the lovely village of Gruyère, which despite all the tourists did not loose its charm and where you can buy true local products. We will eat a cheese speciality for lunch here as we know that all the extra calories will soon be lost on our hike… After some stairs down we follow a river and arrive in Broc, the place where Cailler - Nestlé produces chocolate. Depending the day we may have the chance to visit the store… But then it’s really time to hike more seriously: following the creek of the Jogne we enter the forest, cross on small bridges, go through short tunnels and do some stairs all up until we reach the dammed Lake of Monsalvens. Less wild but on the pretty fjord like lake side we hike with almost no uphill until we reach the village of Charmey. Here we take our time to go for a healthy, relaxing swim in the warm thermal water before the busses will bring us all the way back to Fribourg and further.


Walking time: 3h, Ascent: 320m, Descent: about 200m Distance: 10km, ▲▲


There are some stairs we do that need stamina and healthy knees as well as boots with a good grip, light boots are ok. This is a rewarding and varied but also long excursion, as travelling to and from the area needs time too.


90.- Fr.

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