Inexplicably not a classic hike yet: the magnificent circular hike around the Kleine Lohner 

The start is easy but still breathtaking as the aerial cableway takes us all up the steep wall where brave others are climbing the via ferrata. Other brave people share the cableway with us, but while we start our hike, they will soon open their paraglide and fly all down. Our down to earth but not less breathtaking hike starts first on an enlarged alpine road until we leave the last farmhouse behind (maybe we have the chance to see the cheese making!). Then the trail turns into a steep path with switch bags, but with every step we take, there are more shining Bernese Alps peaks to see and the eagerness to arrive on a great vantage point and discover more and more pushes us almost up… What a place to have lunch! Then we descent for a short moment and hike around the Kleine Lohner through meadows and up again to the small special gap named Bonderchrinde, formed in the craggy range (try the Swiss pronunciation…). From there again downhill we have to cross a scree slope to arrive at the small ridge, which on a small path with some exposure we can follow until we reach the nice and on top grassy view point of the Alpschelehubel. Let’s have a piece of chocolate before we turn back and carefully cross another scree slope. For the last part we meet the large alpine road and enjoy an easier way with more freedom to lift the eyes from the path and enjoy the still beautiful opposite Bluemlisalp peak… The possibility is there to hike all down, but isn’t the cableway ride very tempting?


Walking time: 4.5h, Ascent and Descent: 830m, ▲▲▲


This is a very rewarding but demanding hike for experienced hikers. You should not be prone to vertigo and feel safe on scree. Hiking boots are needed and hiking sticks helpful. It can not be done when a thunderstorms is expected nor in fog. There are however nice alternative hikes.


90.- Fr.

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