High above the Oeschinen Lake: A gorgeous hike in an amphitheatre of cliffs, crowned by the snowy Bluemlisalp peaks 

The passionate train ride on the north side of the Loetschberg is a great start to a perfect hiking day. Passing through the village of Kandersteg with time to buy your picnic and already admiring the Bluemlisalp peak, we walk to the gondola station. The new gondolas take us comfortably higher and closer to this beautiful mountain scenery, but the lake still hides. So we start our hike and by leaving the main route we also leave the crowd aside. The path now is a small one, steep on some parts and suddenly with impressing view steep down to the subjacent blue lake. It is hard to mind our steps when such scenery is offered! A perfect thrilling viewpoint is worth a stop, before we continue on a “Swiss level” part through beautiful alpine meadows until we reach the alpine pasture of Oberes Bärgli, where we will have our picnic or lunch in the Alp hut, tasting or also buying the local fresh cheese. Then we hike down either via rocky step ways safeguarded by cables or via a rocky but less exposed slope to reach the trail which leads us down to a tiny cove with a pebble beach – in hot weather only we may be tempted to go in for a refreshing dip or take a natural shower under one of the several waterfalls. For this we take our time or we enjoy a home made Swiss fruit pie with a “stresskiller” (hot chocolate with Schnaps) or have a beer in the restaurant. All refreshed we then have to decide whether we prefer to hike all down to the village on a nice but in parts quite steep trail or whether we walk up to the gondola station. Waiting for the train at the train station we look back to this know familiar peaks and to a great day hike. 


Walking time: about 3h 45 Min Ascent 291m, Descent 799m, ▲▲


The described hike needs hiking boots and you should not suffer from vertigo nor have knee problems.


90.- Fr.

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